Health is our most important possession, so we should do our best to
maintain it. As we all know, good health is necessary to happiness and success.
On the contrary, people who are in poor health are often pessimistic or
depressed. As a rule, bad health means misery and failure.

As far as I’m concerned , there are three principal suggestions for us to
follow. First of all, we should adopt a scientific diet, which provides the
necessities for your body. The second one is that we are supposed to persist in
taking physical exercise , especially the people working indoors. Last but not
least, we are supposed to stay in a cheerful mood.

As for me, in order to keep fit, I force myself to keep away from the “junk
food” although it usually tastes good. Moreover, I even form good habits of
doing morning exercises, listening to beautiful music and reading good books,
which always cheer me up.

All in all, only by carefully obeying the laws of health can we keep
ourselves healthy.





As we all know, there are three stages in studypreview, study in class and
review, among whichreview is the most important. From my experience, I'd like to
talk about the importance andsteps of review. Firstly, make a review plan with
certain contents of subjects at acertain time.Secondly, carry on the review plan
regularly. Thirdly, examine what has been reviewed andmake supplement in time.
One thing to remember is to keep notes all the time. I follow myreview plan
strictly and have made progress in my study. It turns out to be good enough.
Ofcourse, there is more than one way to review. So long as we review regularly,
we can find moreways to improve our studies.



May l0th Monday Cloudy

This afternoon my school held an English-speaking contest named"Challenging
the Future" in the multi-function classroom. The students who are excellent at
English took part in the contest. I just went there as an audience.

I got a lot from their speech. In their speech, I found all of them had
made full use of the present time and conditions to prepare for the future and
used the known factors to challenge the unknown ones. From this I realized that
we shouldn't waste our time of today and shouldn't put today's work off to
tomorrow. Today is the base of tomorrow. I will no longer waste my present time.
I am going to study hard and do good preparation for my future.

5月10日 星期一 多云











Goethe said "He is the happiest, being king orpeasant, who find peace in
his home". It is true.Home is the warmest place in the world. Home is theharbor.
No matter where you are, you would like tobe back home in the end.


Home is the place which we often need to build. In order to create a kind
of warm and intimateatmosphere. As a member of the family, it is not right to
demand perfection in each other.The proper way is to cultivate flexibility,
patience, and sense ofhumour. Parents can be moreopen-minded and trust their
children, and the children should understand their parents' pains.If we have
spare time after supper, we may often communicate with each other and talkabout
what happened in the daytime. This type of great importance because it often
helps todeepen the feelings between the parents and children.


If we do so, I believe our home will always be sweet.



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